How much does it cost?

There is no charge to apply for the loan or when it is approved. Most loans are repaid when you sell your house or the property changes hands but there is no penalty if you chose to repay the loan earlier.

Can you provide me with some builders that can carry out the work I need?

Unfortunately we can’t do this. We can provide advice on how to choose a builder but you would need to find some builders yourself or get help from a friend or family member.

Can I chose to make regular payments?

No. The loan is an equity loan so can only be repaid in full.

Do I have to sell my house to repay the loan?

No. If your circumstances change and you can afford to repay the full loan you can do so at any time.

I need the work doing straight away – can I get the work done and then apply for a loan to pay for it?

No. If you want to apply for a loan you must wait for it to be approved before starting any work – we need to be able to see that the work is required as part of the application.