If you’re still not sure if Care and Repair Newcastle is for you take a look at what our customers have had to say.


Alison's story

Alison is blind and as she got older she found it increasingly hard to get in and out of the bath. So she contacted Care and Repair Newcastle.

“The staff were amazing. They gave me the advice and support I needed to get a brand new shower room installed.

It’s given me back the confidence I needed to stay in the home I love.”


John's story

When John's boiler needed servicing he knew it was important to use someone he could trust to do the job properly. He contacted Care and Repair Newcastle. We arranged an appointment and the service was carried out under the Gas Safety Scheme at no cost to John or his family.

“My wife and myself very much appreciate the help given by the Care and Repair team."

Boiler being serviced