As you get older or when your health changes you may find some aspects of daily life become more difficult.

As it becomes harder to do the things you used to find easy you may be wondering whether your current home is as suitable for your needs as it once was.

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Staying put or moving on

From Home Improvement Agencies like Care and Repair Newcastle, to home care and entry phones, and meals at home, there are a range of options to help older people who want to remain in their own home. While for those who want or need to move out of their current home there is a wider variety of supported housing than ever before.


Housing options for older people

As you get older making choices about your housing can become more difficult. You might be unsure about the type of support you need or have difficulties finding out about the options available. Decisions made in response to an incident or after a crisis can turn out to be a mistake that doesn’t solve your problems in the longer term.

Care and Repair Newcastle have formed a partnership with EAC FirstStop to help you choose the right option for the life you live. Housing Options for Older People (HOOP) is a technique created by EAC FirstStop to assess your housing concerns and provide information on possible solutions.

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How HOOP works

HOOP is a questionnaire that encourages you to think about your home and how you live in it by using a series of questions to help you identify any issues you have with your home.

If you use HOOP online you will received ideas for solutions to any concerns you have as soon as you complete the questionnaire along with details of local services who may be able to help and information on specialist accommodation for older people.  When you receive the results you will also have the opportunity to ask for more advice and information by email or phone.

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The HOOP questionnaire is also available as a leaflet that you can complete and send in by post. Once the questionnaire is received a specialist advisor will consider your answers and contact you to give you some suggestions about the services and solutions available to you.

You can request a HOOP questionnaire on our Get in Touch page

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