While some people need adaptations to their houses others can stay independent with the help of the right equipment to help them get around at home. Our Equipment Loan Scheme provides stair lifts and hoists free of charge and without the need for a financial assessment.

Stair lift being installed


Assessment and referral

These are the steps to find out what support you need. You can contact or be referred to Community Health and Social Care Direct to ask for an assessment.

An Occupational Therapy Team Manager will then decide if you need an assessment. Someone from the Occupational Therapy Team will come to your home to discuss your concerns and assess your need.

Once the assessment is complete we will:

  • Tell you the outcome
  • Agree the support you need
  • Tell Care and Repair Newcastle what support you need


Applying for your equipment

We process referrals in the order that we receive them and will let you know who your Home Improvement Officer is as soon as we can.

Your Home Improvement Officer will carry out a home ownership check and arrange for our contractor to survey your home.

If you live in a rented property we will contact your landlord for approval to install the equipment.

Once your equipment loan is approved we will send you a copy of the Loan Approval and Loan agreement to sign.

Young girl in harness with woman
Woman using stair lift



When your equipment loan is approved we will ask our contractor to install the equipment.

Once your equipment has been installed we will carry out a survey to make sure it has been installed correctly and to make sure it meets your needs.

We will also provide you with an electrical certificate (if one was needed) and details of how to contact us if you have any problems with your equipment.