Can I get help if I struggle with normal daily living tasks such as climbing the stairs?

We may be able to loan you a stair lift or other equipment to help with daily living tasks. Please contact Community Health & Social Care Direct on 0191 2788100 to arrange an assessment of your needs.

Do I have to get my landlord’s written permission to have equipment installed?

Yes. You may wish to discuss the proposals with your landlord, but we will contact the landlord asking for all necessary permissions.

Do I have to pay for the equipment?

No. If you are assessed as needing a stair lift or hoist we can provide these through our Equipment Loan scheme at no charge.

Do I have to return the equipment?

If there is a change in your circumstances and you no longer need the equipment or it no longer meets your needs then you will need to return it to Care and Repair Newcastle.

The equipment isn’t working properly. What should I do?

Contact our contractor using the telephone number on the large sticker located under the footplate on a stair lift or on the side of a ceiling track hoist trolley and they will arrange with you to come out and repair it.

I have been assessed for a stair lift but someone else who lives with me also needs to use it. Do I need to do anything about this?

Anybody that uses a stair lift has to be assessed to make sure it is appropriate for them and suitable for their needs. Everyone who has an assessed need will need to sign a loan agreement.

I need a stair lift but some other adaptations as well. How does this work?

The stair lift will go through the Equipment Loan Scheme and other work would go through the Disabled Facilities Grant process.

How long does it take to get the equipment

Once we receive a referral from the Occupational Therapy Team it will usually only take a few weeks for you to receive the equipment you need.

Is the equipment new?

The Equipment Loan Scheme is a recycling scheme so it is likely that the equipment will be recycled. The equipment provided is always checked, cleaned and serviced before it is provided and will be repaired if it develops a fault after it is fitted.

I live in a private rented property can I apply?

Yes. We will contact your landlord and ask for their written consent before it is installed.

I’ve had a stair lift fitted but I want to get a new stair carpet fitted. Will you come and take the stair lift out for me and then put it back when the new carpet is fitted?

If you are thinking of getting a new stair carpet you should do this before a stair lift is provided. Care and Repair Newcastle will not pay for a stair lift to be taken out and refitted for a new carpet to be fitted. You can contact our contractor and pay them to temporarily take it out while a new carpet is fitted.

Please note: If you arrange for someone to take the stair lift out other than our contractor this would void any warranty we would have on the stair lift and you could be charged for the full cost of a replacement stair lift.

You’ve told me a stair lift can’t be fitted to my home. Can you still help me?

Unfortunately sometimes it isn’t possible to fit a stair lift in a house. If this happens we may still be able to help by possibly providing a Disabled Facilities Grant or could give you advice about your housing options.

The equipment lift is no longer needed. What should I do?

Contact us and we will arrange for it to be removed and recycled.