Can you send me information that I can read at home

You can download our brochure below or contact us and we will send you a copy.

How do I get help if I struggle with normal daily living tasks such as getting in and out of the house or bathing and hygiene?

Please contact Community Health and Social Care Direct on 0191 2788100 to arrange an assessment of your needs.

You may be offered adaptations to your home such as a level access shower or a ramp. You may also think about asking for our help to move to more suitable accommodation.

What help can I get help to adapt my home to meet my needs?

We will arrange an assessment to identify your specific needs. If an adaptation is needed you will be entitled to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. If you qualify for the grant, we can arrange all necessary works through our approved contractors. If you do not qualify for a grant, we will give you advice on how to arrange your adaptations.

How can I apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

We will complete an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant with you. The grant is means tested and you will need to meet certain criteria.

If I need an adaptation will I have to pay anything towards the cost of the works?

You may qualify for a full grant or you may have a contribution to pay towards the cost of works. You can request a Provisional Financial Assessment to find out the amount of grant that you are likely to receive. For more information call 0191 2115836.

I am self-employed. Could I still qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

Yes if you meet the criteria including the financial criteria. We will need a copy of your self-employed profit-and-loss accounts. These accounts must be current (covering a period within 12 months of your application). For more information call 0191 2115836.

The Provisional Financial Assessment or Means Test shows that I have a contribution to pay. What can I do if I think I will have difficulty in meeting my contribution?

If you cannot meet your contribution we may be able to help you find alternative funding. This could be through a charity or if you are a home owner we may be able to offer you a loan secured on your property.

I don’t qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant or I wish to carry out more extensive works. Is there any financial assistance that will help me with costs?

If you are a homeowner you may be eligible to apply for a Helping Hands Home Repair equity loan. You can find our more here.

I wish to carry out work that is more expensive than the scheme can fund. Is this allowed?

Yes this is a possibility but you must inform us and get our agreement before carrying out the works. You will be responsible for paying for the non-grant funded parts of the work before we will pay the grant.

Do I have to carry out the works within any set period?

Yes. All works funded by the Disabled Facilities Grants must be completed within 12 months of grant approval.

My Solicitor wants to charge me for providing “Proof of Title”. Can you help?

Yes. Reasonable fees can be included in the grant calculations. Fees can be paid directly by us or we can refund you if you have already paid and can provide a written receipt.

Can I start the work and then apply for a Grant?

No a grant can only be awarded for work that has not already started.

Do I have to get my landlord’s written permission to have Grant works carried out?

Yes. You might like to discuss the adaptations you need with your landlord but we will contact them for the necessary permissions.

Do I have to repay the money?

No, Disabled Facilities Grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid

Do I need to be registered disabled to apply?

No. There is no need to formally register as a disabled person, we will carry out an assessment to determine your needs.

I live in a YHN property. Can I apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

If you are a tenant of Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), Byker Trust or Leazes Homes you do not need to make an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant and you can discuss this directly with YHN adaptations team on 0800 0911255.

I had a shower installed 5 years ago. Can I apply for more adaptations now?

Yes. You can apply for more adaptations at any time if your circumstances have changed, for example if your health has deteriorated. Please contact Community Health & Social Care Direct on 0191 2788100.

Who will carry out the work?

We can appoint our approved contractors to carry out the work for you, in which case we will place all orders and manage all of the work. Our approved contractors will work to our approved specification and standard which we monitor closely to ensure you receive an excellent service.

Can I choose my own contractors?

Yes, but you will be required to provide suitable estimates from three different contractors. We can’t help you to identify suitable contractors. We will check your estimates to ensure that the proposals meet your needs and award the grant to the lowest suitable contractor. You will be responsible for arranging the work and dealing with any problems. We will pay the contractor when the agreed work is finished and we have inspected it to ensure it has been completed to an acceptable standard and that it meets your needs.

Will a Disabled Facility Grant affect my benefits?

No. A Disabled Facility Grant is not taken into account when you are assessed for benefits or affect any benefits you already claim.

Do I have to wait to be assessed by the Occupational Therapy Team?

No. If there is likely to be wait for you to have an initial assessment by the Occupational Therapy Team you can decide to arrange for your own independent assessment. Any reasonable professional fee associated with providing this assessment would be repaid should your grant application be approved. Please contact us for further information about this.

Do I have to wait for Care & Repair Newcastle to support me with my application?

No. The majority of clients do wait to be supported through the process but we can send you the application paperwork for you to complete yourself and return to us along with all of the information required for us to make a decision about your application. This additional information includes contractor quotes, any landlord or statutory consents and approvals, and all of the financial details we would require to carry out a means test. Once we have everything we need to make a decision we have 6 months within which to make that decision but would expect to do so much sooner than that. Please contact us for further information about this.